The entire team here at TEN would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year! We are grateful for every opportunity we had to work together over this past year and we’re looking forward to more in 2018.

Perhaps it is the awakened sense of wonder at this time of year that makes the lights shine a little brighter and twinkle with a little more magic. An increased sense of gratitude makes our greetings cheerier, conversations friendlier and our celebrations a little warmer. 

It’s a great thought to reflect on as we look back on our own work this past year, as we celebrate the gift of Christmas and as we look for inspiration to face the challenges that lie ahead. What has the work we’ve done this past year revealed about us and what do we want our work to say about us next year or in the years to come?

So, as in the year that passed, we will be taking time off in the next few days to celebrate Christmas, ring in the New Year and ponder that thought. During this time, we will be closing the studio for a week to enjoy some extra time with our families, celebrate, reflect on the past year, and “recharge our batteries” for the year that lies ahead. But before we do that, we wanted to express our gratitude for everything in 2017.

To our clients, "Thanks again for inspiring us with what you do and for giving us the opportunity to tell this unfinished story - together.”

To our suppliers and partners, "Thank you for your partnership, your commitment and your service.”

And to our mighty staff, artists and influencers managed under TEN, we can only say, "Thank you for your effort and dedication to the work you put in work that falls nothing short of perfection, and the positive energy you bring."

We started TEN just a year ago, and it’s a long road ahead. Thank you for your unconditional love & support. You don’t know how much it means to us. We promise - It’s going to be an amazing year in 2018.

With warmest regards,

Mehdi POP Jourabbaf + TEN



Mehdi Jourabbaf