milestones, wins, and changes.

This message is two weeks too late and our only excuse is how incredibly fortunate we’ve been with amount of workload we are pursuing to develop. TEN turned 2 on November 17, 2018. Its been a busy year filled with memories, milestones, wins, and changes.

When we started TEN (Stylized as TONIGHT ENDS NEVER) two years ago we had a simple directive - help artists standup, standout and stand for something. Meanwhile, better assisting them in telling their story. That honest pursue and mantra “Trust in Artists” has not changed. We are still the same team with the same pursue and purpose.

Shift gears to 2018 and two years since we opened our doors we are continuing to do the same in more helpful and effective ways. With the conception of PLAYLIST X and its continuous improvements over the past 4 months alongside additional features in the works, we cant wait to see what lies ahead.

We’ve been deliberately small for the majority of the two years in business behind closed doors. In the past 3 months, we’ve begun to realize we need even more people to do it better. To see our future openings and to join our team for 2019 we kindly ask you to check back in December for our career openings.

Truthfully, in mid November we wanted to say - “Its that time again”, TEN anniversary pt2 with the incredible reception we received back in 2017- however we made a conscious decision to skip our anniversary show to help focus on what we think matters most.

We made a promise to ourselves - to continue to celebrate artists and their artistry and the new year in preparation will be excited to witness. And based on what we’ve helped create in collaboration with our partners we are genuinely excited for the new year. To those who’ve been sharing the journey with us so far, we are in debt. Thank you for being by our side through thick and thin.

Cheers to what comes next.


Mehdi POP Jourabbaf

Managing Director / Founder

Mehdi Jourabbaf