After 2 months in planning and preparation - we’re finally thrilled to unveil PLAYLIST X for Apple Music. PLAYLIST X ecosystem all began with the introduction of our submission platform for Spotify in May 2018. 

Since then, we’ve made over a hundred backend improvements and added a handful of new functionalities to better assist our network with the submission process we undergo. Finally, in August - we introduced PLAYLIST X for Soundcloud and blogs in partnership with independent and established music channels within our social circle. 

This fast pace evolution of PLAYLIST X is a construction of our belief to rapidly design and build PLAYLIST X as the one stop platform for all encompassing needs for music submissions for Artists, Managers, and Labels. And with the introduction of PLAYLIST X for Apple Music - we are continuing the pursuit to create a systematic platform for Artists to utilize in new ways to reach a broader audience across multiple streaming platforms. 

Today, PLAYLIST X for Apple Music is in its infancy and we’ve purposely chosen to unveil its potential in its beta stage on December 10. We plan to monitor our network stability with the addition of this service and make final refinements on the design prior to its official launch. We expect to launch the final product in Q1 2019, starting at just $40 USD (per music submission). We’ve set beta phase price at $30 for 50 submissions. Our submission portal for Apple Music will be online on December 10.

Our playlist network reach for Apple Music in comparison to our Spotify pool of 3-tier category playlists requires tuning and scaling. With that, we are actively looking to spark genuine partnership with independent playlist curators presently active on Apple Music in favor of pushing good undiscovered music on the platform as they see fit. 

PLAYLIST X for Apple Music has the same recipe and style for users already familiar with our platform and we are excited to see its product evolution and growth in the coming weeks leading up to its full launch.

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